Websites & Portals

Let your design ideas go online

With our content management solutions (CMS) we provide the technical implementation of individual home page design templates. Our clients can choose between different CMS systems (WordPress, Website Observer, Wappsite System). All our content management systems are easy to handle and modular expandable (blogs, newletter systems, e-commerce & online shops, Web 2.0 integrations).

All media compatibility & Responsive Design

To achieve a maximum virtual audience it is a prerequisite for a modern website
to be “suitable for all types of media”. Our responsive design technologies guarantee a
high quality of viewability on every device (PC, Tablets, Smartphones). As up-to-date websites developers we offer our responsive design (responsive Web design – RWD) using the latest in html5 & CSS 3 standards.

Your web page will be optimized for search engines

Our content management solutions (CMS) offer various options of search engine optimization so that your keywords, your product titles or advertising slogans  will be found quickly and top ranked.