Web-Applications & Software

Web applications as performance optimiser

With our customised Web applications and database solutions, we support companies in optimising their internal and customer-oriented processes. Thereby, we create not only the desired applications themselves, but accompany even their successful implementation (System training, process – and project management).

Internet-based software – more than just a trend

Software solutions that require only standard Internet browsers are the working tools of the future. For our clients we develop either individual software solutions or offer ready-made communautic © software programs –  for example our company observer © , a management software for Internet-based project and process communication.

“The Company Observer”

The virtual workspace is evolving. It is already much more than a place to check email. There are complex desktop solutions in cyberspace. Managing a company in virtual space means facilitating the secure exchange of information, enabling real-time communication, applying intelligent filters to the flow of data and above all customizing the workplace. So it works for you. Company Observer© streamlines the requirements of the modern therapist office. It’s primary objective is not to achieve more than others, but to achieve what is necessary. With state-of-the-art web mobility, this concept gives “work community” a radical new meaning. Our motto: “See you in the cloud!”

“The Physio Observer”

Tell me something I don’t know – and don’t say you can offer me a patient management software. Most presentations and dialogues about Physio Observer© begin along these lines. No organization needs yet another tool for patient management. What companies need are collaborative, professional solutions for communication that side-step irrelevant content, so that real and effective management can begin. This paves the way for success – and we specialize in ensuring your success!

 “The Webbased Academy”

Mobile access and learning wherever and whenever I want, a training session tailored to my needs and integrated with how we work – that’s what I call high-calibre e-learning tool. Managers and staff give this a top 10 fun rating for usability. Time and cost saving  make way for creative thinking. Optimized for mobile devices and compatible with all media types, it’s like carrying the entire academy in my pocket!