Hosting Service Provider & Maintenance

Cloud-based hosting service provider London

As an up-to-date hosting service provider we offer our services for companies that are looking for a professional and individually serviced Web hosting. We have a limited number of customers so that we can guarantee an individual and reliable customer service. Our cloud-based server performance guarantees maximum stability, secure data availability and short access times. Additional services considered self-evident for us as a complex spam and virus filtration, optionally integrated security certifications and domain registrations.

Cloud server with content delivery network

Our server infrastructure is located in London. Therefore, we have state of the art technology and position ourselves at a cutting edge of global Internet traffic. We offer serviced cloud servers with content delivery network (CDN) support. CDN networks are global data server, which guarantee a very fast local call of a website and its content (such as videos).

Fair use on the pulse of the World Wide Web

We offer our clients a fair use principle (unlimited data transfer, unlimited, self maintainable E-Mail addresses).

Continuous product and customer service

The communautic © service begins with our reliable and professional project management in a contract, provides personal contact and guarantees a proactive information during the”after”.

Cost-effective maintenance packages

To preserve the achieved quality of commuanutic © Web sites, applications or database solutions for our clients, we offer very affordable maintenance packages on request. This ensures speedy reaction and a maximum cost efficiency in case of need (E.g. for customizations, update services, content or design changes).

Remote maintenance shortens distances

We also offer to supervise maintenance sequences or acute requests by an online remote procedure. So it is not necessary to wait for a technician. Our specialists have online access to all systems and resolve request content directly and time-effective.